8TB My Book exFAT lost folder

Similar to many here.

I robocopied 2TB to a folder on a new My Book, on restart the folder is gone but Properties shows 2TB space used.

I copied another 1TB to another folder today and that is still showing after a restart (for now).

Can I get to the lost folder? Is this going to continue? Is exFAT the primary culprit? Are we trapped in a standards war that will stop me having one drive talk to Windows and MAC?


Win 10 Pro 64bit.

sounds like Robocopy is the culprit

After Robocopy, the copied Directory and Files are not visible on the destination Drive - Stack Overflow.

Thank you. I was about to format to ntfs but am now slowly changing those file attributes now.

I had to

  • Properties - untick Read Only and recurse subfolders
  • attrib -H -S :<folder> /S /D in command line