8TB My Book Duo Tests good w Drive Utility but doesn't work past a few files

I’m really starting to regret getting another WD. This one is an 8tb and I can’t use it past a few files. I keep getting a 0X8007045D error. I’ve formatted the drive both exFAT & NTSF both in Raid and Mirrored. I updated its drivers and I ran WD Drive Utilities and Lifeguard Complete Drive tests. WD Drive utilities came back perfect. No issues at all. Lifeguard would never finish. I did a chkdsk G: /F /R /X /B and it locks up on stage 5 during the bad, free cluster check at 85000 of 1953365964. Stage 0%, total 0% eta 39.12:33. Again it just stops at this point and I can’t access it from file manager anymore without unplugging it completely. Edit the ETA is now up to 999 hours. I think it stopped…

I got the drive like 4 months ago and I’m just now getting to setting it up. (Life happens) I didn’t keep the retail box or warranty card so I think I goofed as far as getting a replacement. Does anybody have any idea how I can get this thing to work? I don’t think both drives are bad and if the bad sectors are on one drive is there any utility I can use to get this thing at least mostly working?

Call WD Support to get a replacement as long as it is still under warranty. They just might need the S/N on label.