8TB DX4000 Power Draw (needed to identify appropriate UPS)

Having read about the long RAID rebuild times on the Sentinel if it suffers an unclean power off, I wanted to order a UPS for my new 8TB Sentinel. However, I couldn’t find in any of the documentation the quoted under-load power draw of the server; this leaves me at a bit of a loss as to which UPS device to get, as I don’t want to get one that will not be able to handle the load.

To any WD Staff seeing this: Please could you let me know what the max power load in Watts is for the 4-drive 8TB version, so that I can order a UPS battery backup.

To anyone else reading this that is already using a UPS with their Sentinel: which UPS device are you using, and how did you determine the right one for the server?

Thank you!

We run an 8TB DX4000 along with two production Xeon servers off a 10000VA APC rackmount UPS. I can’t give you an exact draw on the DX4000 other than after adding the Sentinel and a 17" LCD to the UPS the draw went from ~320W to around 365W. I think this addition reduced our optimum runtime from 33 minutes to 29 minutes, its draw appears to be almost negligible on a unit this size.

If the UPS is going to be only for the DX4000 I think your bigger concern is going to be making sure the shutdown software is Server 2008 R2 compatible, many “personal” UPS units only support Windows XP/Vista/7. Assuming the draw is somewhere around 50W max even a tiny 350VA UPS will last for 15+ minutes depending on model/manufacturer.

I have the 12TB model pluged into a UPS 1500 Pro, its the only thing running on the 1500 and sets right around 38-40Watts. The 1500 should give me around 109Minutes of up time, I also have the USB cable ran to the DX4000 from the 1500 so it will hibetnate the unit if the battery get to low.