88.2 kHz 24 bit FLAC doesn't supported

WD TV live SMP firmware 1.12.14 

I have some FLAC files that are 88.2 kHz 24 bit. When playing, the TV Live does’t send the audio out, neither HDMI nor optical, whle the time counter advance.

I’ve seen this issue have been reported also for the HUB version. 


That’s a high bit rate. I use 16 Bit files and no issues at all.

Have you tried to reset the media player

I can play 24bit/44.1kHz, and 24bit/96kHz .flac filess output via HDMI pass through, although they won’t play gapless. Receiver confirms it is receiving the source audio bit/samplerate from the SMP. My old WD Live will play them too, not sure on 88.2 kHz, I don’t have any but I think it’ll pass through up to 24/192. Maybe try some different sample rates, otherwise something in your setup must be wrong?


My SMP plays also the 192 kHz 24 bit, so I’m sure the problem with the 88kHz is a bug and not a problem with the setup.

Of course, if I resaple the file it works perfectly