860 GB inaccessible space in my wd my cloud home ,, need help

within a normal day i notice that the available space of my wd my cloud home disappearing continuously , within 24 hours i lost 859 gb and the available space became zero of 5.6 TB with no reason or any backup process going on.

i used a software called spacesniffer it analyses the data in any drive ,reporting every folder and its size , it shows that 859 GB are inaccessible space

then i deleted 40GB of my movies , but after 24 hours the available space stays zero of 5.6 TB and the inaccessible space went from 860 to 904 GB, so its not a bad sector i guess

i have already removed the wd discovery and reinstalled it but no luck , any suggestions ?


You can see the My Cloud Home User manual and learning center for third-party software compatibility.
For additional information, you can see this below mentioned links(KBA)-


Sounds like the My Cloud Home generating thumbnails from all the added content, thus the index is growing.
The Android OS, filesystem, boot partition and Index cannot be seen from Samba or WD Discovery and SSH has been disabled.

thanks , but all of these links are irrelevant to the issue

yes maybe , but i dont know what to do , i deleted another 60 gb now i cant access 960 GB and the free space is zero !! something eating the space , and this device doesnt allow the user to do any thing .

i contacted the support and after uploading screenshots and logs files they asked me to do a system erase !! but oh you should backup your data first.

i mean what kind of support is that , i have 4 tb of data where should i backup it !

YUP! sounds like the data added has note been fully indexed because the drive it full.
IE: every time that you deleted data, the indexing is allowed to continue and grow which is normal.

Sounds like perhaps you may had not been aware of My Cloud Home Indexing features so the only real options are (1) Remove unwanted content and free up space (2) get a different NAS (3) get a larger capacity My Cloud Home, but like you said, you’ll need someplace to put your data.
Perhaps put it back where it came from??

90% of my data are movies and iso files , the 10 % remaining are maybe photos and backups , do you think this may take up to 1 TB indexing ?
i may free more space but i am afraid this may not solve the problem and even if i freed 1 more TB i will still have zero available space

most of the data came from downloading , if i get another NAS like synology , can i use the hard drive without erasing or losing data ? any way to do that? a link or tutorial will be great