802.11ac adapters and Routers

Anyone using these new highspeed wireless products? 802.11ac 1) Does the Hub support these?

No one does. :slight_smile:  The standard doesn’t exist yet.

At best, it’d be “802.11ac Draft 1 compatible.”

But like 802.11n, some makers of Draft N got left in the dust when the standard was later ratified with changes…

guess I better tell netgear their stuff can’t work!

Heheh… But if you look at the “Standards Compliance” section of those products, none of them list 802.11ac… 

They can advertise that they use 802.11ac, but they cannot claim “Compliance” or “Standard” to a standard that has not yet been finalized.  802.11ac has only reached “Draft 2.0” status a few months ago.

Manufacturers are taking and educated risk.

so back to the original question anyone use these products with the hub? if so what results on the hub did you have?

I have not used any of the new 802.11ac products as of yet… However I did buy a set of

NETGEAR WNHDB3004 AP and Bridge.These work great. I can now wireless stream all my HD videos and AVCHD home movies with little to no buffering or stuttering issues… The AP and bridge are 25-30 ft apart with 3 walls in between.