800gb Green is slower than 640gb Blue

With access, loading programs and general usage, even using the advanced Settings specific for XP os, the 16mb cache Blue hdd is faster than the 64mb Green cache hdd. That is what I experience, does that sound like par for the course? Shouldn’t the Green drive be faster when in use and under load, I realize the sleep feature will take some time to come out of, however everything seems to take way too long to happen, with no change to the hardware outside of the drive. The spec sheet for the 800gb Green say N/A for the access time, I don’t understand that either but I guess that would be a separate post.

That’s normal, green drives were designed to reduce power consumption (at cost of performance). You should not expect anything spectacular from these drives, other than a lower energy bill.

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I believe the Blue drive spins at 7200 RPM and the Green at 5900 RPM. I suggest you perform a HD Tune read benchmark on both drives.


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Thanks for the answers, I did expect it to be a slight amount slower, however I was shocked at just how slow the drive is. I was also unaware the Green drive spins @ 5900rpm, honestly I think mine spins at 20rpm, using the 800gb drive as the master in my system brought it to it’s knees. Literally would take 5-8 minutes to boot and just opening the windows explorer at times would take 45-70 seconds, and forget about opening like three applications at the same time or even switching between programs is painfully slow. I will continue to use the Green drive but only for storage. Thanks again for the information.

I noticed on the 640gb Blue drive that is says something to the effect of “pin 3-4 to enable PUIS”, what is PUIS? I have searched the database and have come up empty handed, I can not find any reference to this “PUIS” function in the knowledge base either.

PUIS stands for “Power-Up in stand-by”, it prevents the drive from spinning when powered up, untill the drive is accessed.