8 TB G-Raid Config Can't Find MAC Device

I’m setting up my brand new 8TB G-RAID device on my Mac (Sierra 10.12.4). I downloaded the GRAID with Configurator and opened it. It cannot find device. I want to use the G-RAID in mirror mode. Do I not need to configure? If I do, why can’t it find my device. (I assume “device” means my MAC.) Any help is most appreciated. I am new to this storage system.

You might not have the correct software for your device… We have multiple types of the configurator.

We have a guide to the configurators here:


Thank you for responding, Rydia. In order to configure my RAID, I found some directions on the Mac web site. I still am uncertain how to make my 8TB unit mirror, and if it should be configured 0 or 1. Do I have to create a partition? Sorry to be so obtuse, but there are no step-by-step directions I can find for setting this unit up so I can use 4TB mirroring the other 4TB of my photos.

Another question is what is the default when the unit arrives - 0 or 1? Perhaps it’s already formatted to mirror. How would I know this? Maybe someone in the Community can send me a link which explains it all. Your patience is appreciated.

All G-Tech RAID devices like these arrive as RAID0 if they have 2 drive bays. If they have 4 or more they are RAID5.

The link I gave you is so you can find the configurator that matched your drive. Does the drive have both Thunderbolt and USB? if so then you need this: G-RAID removable with Thunderbolt 2 utility

If it has USB and FW800 and eSATA then you need this one: Configurator

After you have the proper configurator you launch it, put in your system password and you have the option to change the RAID policy. Just click configure, select RAID 1 protected and click configure again. After that it will convert the RAID and you will then need to go into the Disk Utility to erase the drive so that it is usable.

If you still need assistance you can always call us at 888.426.5214

Thank you, Rydia for the link. I downloaded it, opened it and got the following window.
What device is it looking for? The G-RAID itself? It won’t allow me to type anything into either the Device bar, nor the Name space.

This is really frustrating. It shouldn’t be this difficult. I have OS Sierra 10.12.4. There is a RAID Assistant in Utility there which also won’t work. I hope you can help me some more. OR should I call? Thank you for whatever you can do.


That means you don’t have the same G-RAID that goes with that configurator. Does your G-RAID have only Thunderbolt and no USB on it? If so then you can’t use any configurators as it requires changing the RAID policy in Disk Utility.

As I mentioned before in this situation I believe it best to contact our phone support.

Thanks again, Rydia, I will call them.