8 GB USB stick NTFS problem

Hi , I have an 8 GB USB stick and formatted it to NTFS.

I copied a mkv file on it that plays fine via a USB external connected harddisk.

When I connect it to the WD HD TV (gen 1) player it detects the USB stick but via file view I cannot open it but I can open it via folder view.

When I then try to play the movie it returns with a message that there is no decoder found to play the file.

By the way, via a 4GB fat32 memory stick it plays without a problem.

Any ideas,



I had the same problem with one of my 8gb fat 32 drives… it was recognized and you could navagate to the files but when you played them it wouldnt work… dont know why… it scared the ■■■■ outtta me cause i used that drive to do a firmwhere update and it got stuck at 0% and no matter what i did it wouldnt go away… i ended up having to put it on a new drive in the same folder and put the drive in when i powered the thing back on it worked whew… but ya they dont suport all drives mayby urs is just not suported

I also had a problem with a firmware update on a 4gb memory stick, got stuck at 0 %, managed to put the same files on another 1gb stick, put it in the other usb port and it started installing …