720p MKV choppy playback over network

Before anybody will say that probably bitrate too high, i played the same files over the network with WD TV LIVE with no problems, even using the same wifi adapter

i turned off DNLA, didn’t help.

I personally never had success in streaming an MKV file (720p) over a Wifi Network on Wireless-G.  On plain AVI files (700-800MB average) it does not have a problem.

But, when i switch to Wireless-N, then the MKV 720p file runs okay.  The problem is the Wireless-N settings frequently disconnects.

If your network speed is too low you should get the symptoms of the video playing correctly for a short time (because it’s buffered) then going choppy.

Your best bet is to use the WIRED (ethernet) network if possible.

*I can play HD content using my PC to access my WDTV HUB (3.2MB/sec bandwidth) but I can’t play content from one WDTV HUB to the second one. Not sure why since both wi-fi adapters work great individually with the PC. The PC is wired but the HUB’s are wi-fi. Not sure why; I SHOULD bet getting the same result from WD->WD as WD->PC.

**You can calculate your bandwidth by using your PC to initiate a COPY of a file from the source you are accessing to your WDTVLIVEHUB although WD->WD seemed to vary (between 400KB and 1200KB).

I have found that 720p MKVs play fine over my wifi network from network shares (to my Hub, Plus and Live).

When using a wireless (or powerline) connection that does not provide enough bandwidth, switching to a media server connection (if available) tends to smooth things out.

And from a wifi connection that handles 720p fine from network shares but struggles with 1080p, switching to a media server is sometimes enough to make 1080p playback viable.  UPnP connections seem stabler than SMB on the Live family.  YMMV.

However, if you’re saying that the Hub performs worse than your Live, I’m not seeing that with my units… it could be that my network is fast enough that I’m not seeing a difference.

What firmwares are you using on your Hub and Live?

on a Hub i am using firmware 2.03.24 and on LIVE 1.03.49

I changed the channel on my router and looks like it fixed the problem but needs to do some more testing