7 days remaining in my first Time Machine backup

Yesterday I picked up a My Cloud 4TB single-drive unit, because my old time machine drive died.  The features look cool, but this has me worried:  I started a backup 24 hours ago, and this is how far it’s gotten:

7 days

That’s about 7GB/hr, or 210KB/sec.  Is this what I should expect?  I need to figure out whether this is acceptable.

I’m running 10.7.5 on a 2007 Mac Pro.  The My Cloud is attached to a 1GB switch, with the Mac Pro (1GBE) attached to the same switch.


Check out this thread.


Are you saying that I should configure the mycloud via SMB rather than AFP?  That’s the only suggestion I recognize in that thread.  I’m game.

But…can anybody definitively confirm that Time Machine works over SMB?  This is a technical question, as Time Machine uses directory hard links, which are arcane and unsupported by most file systems (but presumably are supported in AFP).



On a 702mb/s wireless connection, I backed up 74GB in 2 hours Yesterday. That is about 10MB/s over AFP.