7.500 Photos available on TV and Mobile phone, but not accessible via Twonky, WD Access or Windows

Since two days I have a problem only with one folder (photos) on WD MY Cloud 4 TB. (All what I describe does not apply to the music folder and/or video folder…)

Parts of our home was affected by an electrical problem, but not the circuit on which My Cloud is running. I was trying to access via my LG TV some video on My Cloud when the short-circuit on the TV happened.

After electricity was restored I realized that from my three folders only two were visible (music and video) on my TV. So I opened the WD dashboard on my PC and saw obviously the index of the database was rebuilt. The numbers for photos , vidos and music seemed reasonable to me, but there was no folder for any picture on Windows and also not on the TV . However, when I search for all photos on the TV, all photos are there, then I started Twonky, photos are there. But not on WD Access or the ‘WD My Cloud’ interface. I also can see all my photos on my mobile (WD MY Photo).

The only problem is: I cannot manage (delete, move,…) these photos via Twonky, TV…

Any idea how I can list them on either Windows (e.g. Explorer) or Ubuntu? It seems to me as if they were hidden or as if I lost the access rights to them.

Thanks in advance for any support you may have for my problem.


One does not delete or add files via DLNA. Generally DLNA is for viewing only using a DLNA media client.

On the local network one uses Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to add/remove/delete/copy/move files on the My Cloud. It helps to “map” the My Cloud to one’s local network computer for easy access.

Sorry, for not being clear enough, Bennor, and thanks for your fast response. That’s exactly what I’ve.done: My Cloud is my drive ‘Z’. But unfortunately without the pictures folder.
What I need is some advice ‘how to get them back’ in Explorer.

Best regards Michael

The pictures are all there when one views the mapped My Cloud using Windows File Explorer. It is just not presented in one folder like it is when one views the My Cloud using a DLNA client.

In Windows File Explorer look for an icon like this: MyCloudDLNA

That should be the DLNA media server on the My Cloud being displayed in Windows File Explorer.

Other things to check. Go into the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares and ensure each Share holding your media has Media Serving enabled. Go to the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Media section and rebuild the media database file. Ensure the media files are in the Twonky supported media format. See the following WD Knowledgebase article for Twonky media supported formats.


Note: DLNA access only works on the local network, not when accessing the My Cloud remotely using MyCloud.com or the WD software/mobile apps.

Have you gone into Twonky and set up what you want to share? See image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Yes, the sharing page looks like yours (just other ‘names’).

I just opened Twonky and looked under photos --> folders and after some
while I found all photos in a completely different area… under one
of the sub folders of video. With this information I also found them in
my Windows-Explorer. I have no idea why they are under this sub folder,
but the most common mistakes are user-errors. So, maybe I have moved
them there.

Many thanks for the support I have received. I consider this topic as

Best regards Michael