6TB WD Black how to activate & partition


Just installed a new 6T Black WD disk and installed Windows 7.
I set the Boot Drive to 2TB and installed the OS.
After I install all updates, I tried to activate the unallocated remaining 3.5TB with no success.
I tried several softwares such as Minitools and Partition magic with no success.
It says that my HDD is MBR type that I can partition up to 2TB.
But it didn’t do the Partition.

Any idea of how can I activate the remaining 3.5TB?


Check that your PC supports UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)

And you will need to Partition it GPT (GUID Partition Table) to access the full capacity of the Hard Drive.

If your PC only supports BIOS and you partition it MBR (Master Boot Record) then 2TB is Maximum size that is supported for Non UEFI PC’s and Non GPT Partitioned Hard Drives.

Thank you Joey,
Does the partition conversion (from MBR to GPT) will erase the already used 2TB?
Can I do the conversion only for the allocated 3.5TB?

If my mother board BIOS doesn’t support the UEFI can I split the remaining 3.5TB unallocated space into 2TB and 1.5TB and use them as MBR?

In most cases yes. But, some 3rd can convert MBR to GPT without data loss … but it’s still highly advised to have a backup of your data in case something goes wrong and it is wiped.


Because, your current setup is limited to 2TB for the entire hard drive. You won’t be able to partition what the PC can’t allocate to the remaining space on the hdd.

Have you looked into your BIOS settings to see if you can configure the BIOS as UEFI ? it may support it, but be in “Legacy Mode” … failing that, see if there are any firmware updates for you BIOS from the manufacturers support site. eg. Asus, Gigabyte etc