6TB red disk warranty

My 6TB disk started acting up a few months ago. So I checked the warranty on the WD web site. It says that the disk is warranted for 3 years. So I contacted WD for a replacement disk since I bought the unit less than three years ago. But WD informed me that the warranty on the red disk in the My Cloud is 2 years limited. So putting the disk in a My Cloud reduces the warranty by 33%.

Just curious rac8066, was the 6TB a replaced HDD or the My Cloud was purchased with a 6TB HDD? If I remember correctly the 2 My Clouds (Gen 1’s) I have were 3 year warranties … I thought … :blush:

I know they are out of warranty now.

When I pulled a dead Red drive from a gen 1 My Cloud and tried to get warranty information on it, the warranty information came back to the gen 1 My Cloud NOT to the drive itself. So while the drive individually may have a longer warranty the My Cloud enclosure may not. WD appears to tie the original My Cloud drive to the enclosure.

No it was not a replaced HDD. It was a gen1 My Cloud.

I bought my My Cloud in January 2014 and the warranty expired on January 17,2016. Did your check show a expiration date?

You can get the warranty extended to be from the time of purchase. You need to show them the purchase reciept with the date of purchase. I’m in the process of checking with my freedom card which has an additional year of warranty.