6Tb only showing as unallocated 2Tb?

I have a Green WD 6Tb SATA which I was using as a boot disk in Windows 10 so it only formatted as 2Tb. I have now installed an SSD as a boot disk and wiped my WD SATA. I have also converted it to GPT but it still only shows with 2Tb unallocated space and no other partitions. It is currently sitting as Disk 0 with my SSD boot disk as Disk 2.

My PC is a Dell Precision T7500 around 5 years old.

Any idea how I can access the other 4Tb … preferably as a single partition?


Have you tried updating BIOS and drivers?

No … but will have a look at this option … thanks.

Is there any external enclosure option that would present the disk as say 3off 2Tb disks to the pc?