6TB External Hard Drive

Why won’t my S
amsung TV recognise my external 6TB WD Hard Drive?

Either it doesn’t support GPT partition type, or doesn’t support NTFS format.

You’d have to ask Samsung.

all of that … and there is a Hard Drive size/capacity limit

even Samsung say a 3TB or 4TB may not work, and recommend re-partitioning to 2TB

so, you haven’t got hope that a 6TB will work. and re-partitioning to 2TB would be a huge waste of space.

my advice … buy a Media Player that supports large USB hard drives

example: My Raspberry Pi 3 B+ can handle 8TB hard drives and most probably even larger ones.

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I’ve been running my WD My Book 6TB on my raspberry pi and I’d love to compare notes with you if you wouldn’t mind. My Book - WDBBGB0060HBK-NESN 6TB - Format to Linux EXT4