640GB Black beeping noise

Hi everyone, Hoping someone can tell me whats wrong. I have a WD 640 Caviar black hard drive that suddenly gives beeping noises. It’s exactly like this: " http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKilRakjwmM" (thats not me, but what I found when I tried to search up my problem). BIOS doesnt see the drive, and on another computer of mine it stops the system from loading (stays at the POST screen). Is my hard drive dead? I was using it fine earlier. Then a few hours later when I tried to turn it on, it gave me this weird beeping noise. Anything I can do to save the drive or the data? Thnx D.

That beeping noise is coming from the computer, probably the BIOS.  Try Googling computer beeping noises and see what comes up.  The amount of beeps mean something.

I’m certain the sound is not from the computer (it makes the noise even when I put it into an external enclosure after turning on my computer. Unfortunately, since leaving the drive alone over night and turning it on again today, the problem has now escalated to clicking noises. I think it’s dead? =/

I think you’re right.  Sorry…


That’s only true if you don’t have a power issue.  Try the drive in another computer and see if it fires up.  If it clicks then, then you know that it’s bad and needs to be replaced.