64 bit install of WD My Passport Ultra 2TB

Greetings group,
I haven’t been on here in years. But you know that old saying “When it rains, it pours.” Well This is just a question, and hopefully an easy one for one of you geeks/tech freaks out there. I classify myself as one of those creatures - geek/tech freak - but this is new to me. The pouring rain and stuff I will share with the group at a later time.

I got through installing the apps, then saw another folder called XP64. I am running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, and wonder if I should install that application now.?? Or should I have installed it first - to let the Passport know 64 bit install was underway.

Thanks for any help.


What applications have you already installed?

Depending on what you are planning to do with the unit you might need all of the applications.

If you went through the WD apps setup, you might have installed all the necessary applications.

Hi ERMorel,
I installed all the apps that came with the drive, except the app that is under the XP64 drive. I just think I should install it since I have 64 bit PC. But I don’t know if it s/b installed first, or last… WD support is either very bad or very slow. I have another issue with a 1TB internal drive that just died on me and it’s only 2 months old. It so happens it is where Windows 10 is installed.
I’m hoping somebody on here will have a 64 bit PC and been thru the install with a passport.
I appreciate your reply.