6 TB My Book Live Duo - how well does it perform?


I have a WD Live connected via a USB to a 2 TB drive. I want to replace this drive with a 6 TB My Book Live Duo, connected to the network cable. Those of you who have this set up, does it perform well? With 10 GB 1080 files? And most importantly, can you see the icon thumbnails for each movie title? My reason for concern is my son set up a network server using an old computer for me, which played movies fine, but you could not see the icons.


Yes on all counts.

The ICONs thing is a whole other subject.

If you are accustomed to using DLNA Media Service funciton, you may not see thumbnails.

If you’re using Network Shares, you will.

I’m assuming, BTW, that you’re using the NEW WDTV Live (2011 model) not the 2009 model?

No I bought the WD live a few years back, so I would have to replace that too? But when I connect the drive to the network I can set it up as a network share?


Actually, it still does thumbnails if you know all the tricks involved (such as “hiding” the thumbnail jpegs;  search this forum for more details.)

Yes, you can connect to it via Network Share.