5V Power Requirements

The only USB port that will work with a recently purchased G-Drive USB 10TB on a ASUS laptop is the Charger + port. I see the 12V power requirements on the bottom label of the drive, but I don’t see anything regarding the 5V. What is the 5V power requirement? Will this drive work on a powered USB hub if the port on the hub supplies enough power?

The drive comes with its own power adapter, you need to plug that into the wall. The computer will not be providing power to that device. It is not bus powered.

The power adapter has been plugged into the wall from the beginning. If the drive does not receive power from the bus, it seems like it would work in any 3.0 port, however it only works in the higher amp port, hence the original question regarding the power requirement for the 3.0 port. In the lower power ports, the drive would only run for under an hour before throwing a 40003 write error. In the higher power port the drive ran flawlessly until the 2.3TB backup job was competed and validated.