5TB MyCloud Refusing Connections Again

Hi All,

I had this thread running over here:

After my mycloud got connected to the web again it ran a software patch and local access to it was restored. I didn’t actually “fix” anything to be able to connect to it.

Well this week, after the windows update, access to it was lost again from my PC.

So I am really starting to suspect the windows X updates are the problem here.

I can see the mycloud device from the web page but not as a local connection again.

The last time I actually put in a support ticket via the WD site not long before it started working again and I am wondering if someone from support did something to make it install the software patch.

But it is denying connections again locally and it’s a bit of a nuisance.

If anyone has any ideas what I should do, or if I should put in another support ticket like last time?

I am all ears.

Last time this problem just “went away” when the patch was applied when logging in from the web. I bought a new 8TB mybook and it arrived today and I am having a problem with that too. I put a post over on the correct forum for that one.

Looking forward to getting all my WD devices acting like they should be! LOL!

Best Regards