5TB disk showing as 2-2TB devices in W10 Computer Mgmt

I just received a WD5001FZWX (5TB Black) disk. I installed it in an external enclosure and plugged it into my Windows 10 system. When I opened Computer Management, the system showed 2 unformatted 2TB disks?!?!? I tried to use the “span disk” utility, but it failed (do they need to be formatted before doing that?).

I bought a 5TB disk cuz I needed an entire disk with 5TB on it, not 2-2TB drives.

Sounds like your enclosure doesn’t support 5TB disks.

When you initialized the disk the first time, you probably used the MBR option instead of GPT.
You will need to blow out the current format and re-initialize using GPT for the volume type. Then you will see the full 5TB
You can try the “Convert to GPT” option first in Disk Management.

I’m seeing this before I get to the point of formatting the disk.

Interesting, wouldn’t have expected the enclosure could limit that, but I’ll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!!!

Tim/Tony - you were basically both right. The enclosure wouldn’t support anything bigger than 2TB. When I moved the disk inside the computer (something I was going to do after copying the files off the internal disk), the computer saw the disk in 2 parts so doing the “Convert to GTP” fixed the problem.

Thank you both!!!