.5T Element (WDBAAR): SMART - FAIL! Read Raw Error Rate = 1


I have a WD elements portable for >1 year now. I don’t use it very much. Recently I had to back everything to it because of some serious problems with my laptop which forced me to reset to factory default, and now reloading everything.

I found using the WD drive to be really slow, and found a few pictures bollixed or unreadable, maybe <1% all pictures. They tend to be >1 M in size. But that’s not the problem. I’ve transferred most of the data over to my laptop, but I’ve yet to QA all the files transferred for completeness and usability. My problems in transferring have primarily been among the digital photos.

My portable is now not being fully read. I ran the WDG diagnostic and it failed SMART. Only one error read:

Read raw error rate: ID = 1, Value = 1, Threshold = 51, Worst = 1, Warranty = 1.

All others easily passed and were well over the thresholds.

I ran this off my S.O.s computer. Same outcome. I need to find a different cable to further evaluate if simple connection issue.

I haven’t found a viable solution yet on the WD site.

My laptop: Dell inspiron Win7 SP1 (not sure what other info needed).

My S.O’s laptop: HP Pavilion Vista.

My question is: now what do I do? I’m trying to save my remaining data. I already lost data on a MyBook failure last year.


You can try using Recuva or TestDisk to retrieve the files

trying other cable is a good idea as well

If you need to recover just a few files with bad sectors …

Bad Block Copy for Windows:

Just to satisfy my curiosity, could you please tell us the raw value of the Read Raw Error Rate attribute. You may need to use another SMART tool (eg HD Sentinel or HD Tune) for this purpose. BTW, Data LifeGuard only shows those attributes whose normalised values have dropped below their thresholds. I suspect that there will be several other attributes (eg Reallocated Sector Count) whose raw values will be at dangerous levels.