5400 to 7200 or SSD drive?

I have a 7 month old ACER desktop, great machine (win 7, intel i7, 16 gb ram, except it has a 2tb 5400 rpm hard drive partitioned into two 1tb drives.  I want to upgrade it to the fastest drive possible however, I am already using over 700gb on the boot drive.  I’ve upgraded drives before on other machines and it basically just automatically moved everything from one drive to the new one.  But with 700gb already used, can I get the transfer software to automatically move the boot record to a SSD drive and the personal files to another drive or will I have to move all 700gb to the new drive (which would exclude a SSD drive - since there is no way I can afford a 1tb SSD drive, if there is such a thing).  I really don’t want to try to move all the personal files over manually.  If I go with a 7200 drive, will I see that much improvement in speed to make it all worth while?

Hi well if you go for a Raptor drive you will see a difference. There is nothing faster than a SSD they blow away mechanical drives. I would unplug the old drive plug in the ssd boot and install windows on the ssd get the drivers and everything setup, then plug in the old drive boot and delete what you don’t want from it format the partition that had windows on it. You can’t copy a program as it would have installed files into windows folder that make it work your only choice is to reinstall your programs and to do that you would reinstall most of them to the old drive. So for example you go to install office first make 2 folder’s on the old drive called program files the other if you have 64 bit windows program files (x86) point your install to either one depending if it is a 64 bit or 32 bit program this leaves more room on the ssd as you don’t want it full. Your personal files will still be on the partition you did not format.