5400 RPM hard drives & 7200

Hi … Could someone please tell me whether 5400rpm drives use less DC power compare to the 7200 drives ? Also is it wise to use a higher speed than what the original 5400 drive is in my laptop ? More or less my laptop came with a 5400rpm drive and I want to replace it with a 7200 one , Will the 7200 use more resource ?

Hi generally there is no difference in power usage it depends on if you put the drive to sleep and the way the laptop is setup. Yes a 7200 rpm is good for a laptop I would choose a black  drive. You will notice a better boot time and also access time

things will load faster with the black drive as it has 16 meg cache on the drive, also the black drives come with a 5 year warranty unlike the blue 5400 rpm drive that has a 2 year.

I also thought that 7200rpm drives use a lot more power than the 5400rpm ones, but it seems the differences come from other points.

I thank you guys for your responds but why isn’t someone from Western Digital not answering my question . This was my whole point in asking . I would appreciated Western Digital someone in your department who knows the answer to my question ,

Thank you .

I would suggest getting a hybrid hdd instead of a 7200rpm one for your laptop.

Hi this is a user to user forum if you need specific information and don’t like the answer you need to contact WD. The other choice is look it up for yourself if you go to WD site choose mobile drives then choose a blue one at 5400 RPM bring up the spec’s and you will see the power usage. Do the same thing for the 7200 RPM black drive and you will the the 7200 RPM uses less power than the 5400 one except for sleep mode. Blue 5400 RPM drive read and write  2.50 watts . Black 7200 RPM read and write 1.75 watts. So the black drive uses less power in all modes but sleep mode.