500GB USB Transfer

I can’t transfer over a drive image via usb to the WD. It times out all the time. Does anyone have a solution as to why this is happening.

lol - I’ve been stuck looking at a dialog box for over 2 hours. 998 bytes of 78.35 GB - Estimating time remaining…

What’s strange is the disk image I was moving over was 200 GB so I don’t know why it’s not only 78.35 GB - The drive i’m transferring from is USB 3 and connected directly to the WD Cloud.

I used the Finder interface to login to the rag the disk image over to the WD. Help?

Are you able to transfer other files from the same USB hard drive? Are you able to transfer the image from a different hard drive?

Yes and yes…I used the backup option within the web interface and had to backup the entire drive just to get the files off it I wanted. Seem like a long road to do that, but I got it done.