500GB seen as 250GB in BIOS/UEFI

I have an old WD drive ( MDL: WD5003ABYX - 23WERA0 ) that is 500 GB. The problem is that after a cloning/imaging process it no longer is seen as a 500 GB, but as a 250 GB in BIOS/UEFI. Even a disk duplication machine only sees it as a 250 GB. Does anyone know of any tools or process that can be done to get it back to full capacity?

Thank You.

is the original disk you cloned a 250GB drive ? … because if you did a sector-by-sector clone then your 500GB will be 250GB ie. an exact ‘clone’

have done a little bit cloning … but when i do it, the software i use, i don’t select sector-by-sector, i select copy all the system and data files which also expands the partition to fill the target drive. Can upgrade an OS and all my data to a new larger drive without any fuss.