500GB MyBook is no longer recognized after getting a new 1TB Passport for Christmas

My 500GB My Book is not recognized by my PC anymore after getting a 1TB Passport.

I plugged it up to my work laptop (both home PC and work laptop run Win7) and it was recognized with no issue.

What is going on here?

I downloaded the driver from WD, but it did no good.

Thanks for any and all help.


Check on the disk management to see how are the drives showing.

I checked Disk Management.

It shows up with a drive letter, and says healthy, but you cannot make any changes to it, or format it.

The drive works fine on the laptop.

I assume the driver was altered when installing the passport.

I don’t know what else to do here.

It works fine on another Win7 machine.

I hooked the drive up to my work laptop and was able to recover the files that I wanted to save.

Then I formatted the drive.

I ejected the drive and plugged it back up to my personal pc.

It shows up as a drive with a drive letter, but you cannot create files on it.  You cannot format it either.

I am at a loss here.  Obviously, the drive works fine on another pc. 

I just don’t get the issue here.

I emailed WD and got a stock response of the drive was not tested or made for Win7.

I know the drive is good, I just don’t understand why it will not work.

I need a backup drive!!

Anyone else have any ideas?

Everyone, I fixed it.

I could not figure out what the cause was… just that getting the new passport caused the drive not to recognize anymore.

I was going through event viewer… and I was brainstorming…

I decided to remove all of the WD software that came with my new passport… and BAM.

Old MyBook is up and running.