500GB My Passport SE not working

RIght now…

So since the day I bought it, it has been acting very funny.

The first time I booted it, it was going REALLY slow. I couldnt even copy a small text file onto it.  I didn’t return it thinking that there must be a problem with my laptop. So I tried it on my Pc with Windows XP, it worked! Great, I took some backup and then I trid it again on my Windows Vista laptop. It worked! ( for the first and last time) And then *poof*. I plug it in, it says that the disk needs to be formatted. I formatted it that day, and then it worked (with all my backup data gone) but then suddenly after 3-4 days, it showed the same message. And this time, I had bought a new PC with WIndows 7. The PC too couldn’t recognize it. Now I’m stuck with my backup data for my XP PC has all its data on that particular drive. I’m beginning to feel that WD isn’t exactly the best idea… I’ve scoured the internet to find MANY people with problems on WD, but almost none with Seagate and other stuff. Thank you very much, WD for any support that you may give right now. 

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Can the drive STILL work on an older XP computer? Windows 7 is VERY likely to ask you to format a drive if it detects it was formatted on XP as the way NTFS behaves on W7 is not the same as in XP, the solution is to take out the data on XP, then format it on Windows 7, then copy the data back.

I would change the USB cable if I were you and then run a test for errors as well.