500Gb Caviar Blue advice

Hi all. After a quick bit of advice…

My power supply died last week and took out my primary drive, a 500Gb Caviar Blue model: WD5000AAKX-001CA0

It doesn’t sound like it spins up and I can hear (what I think is) the head oscillating back and forth rapidly in 4 bursts before falling silent.

Is is FUBAR or can it be salvaged (can the board be replaced)?

TIA, Andrew.

It’s more than likely FUBAR but, a Data Recovery Service should/might be able to recover the data … if the data on the drive is worth hundreds of dollars to you.

Most of my data is stored on a server, just had some apps and notes built up over time.

If it’s more complicated than snipping off a diode (a solution for someone else) then I’ll cut my losses.

Asking out of curiosity.

Thanks for the reply Joey.