500 Gig Passport, can't get to the data on it

First off, I am not at home at the moment. I just founf this page and just signed up.

I have a Passport, 500 gig external drive, that’s maybe 3 or 4 years old. If I had it in front of my I would be able to tell you the model number but, what it is doing is this:

I plug the USB cable in to the computer, the computer sees the drive and it shows up in the list of devices but I can’t access the drive. If I click on it nothing happens.

The LED on the drive itself just flashes. I can feel the drive spinning (I can feel slight vibrations and if I place my ear to it I can hear it, it sounds normal).

Is there anything I can to do get to the data? This drive was the back up to my computer. I had all the photos of my kids backed up on this drive. As luck would have it, the computer HDD failed two weeks ago and when I replaced it and went to reload everything from the Passport, I found that it is doing this now. So I am very worried that I have lost all my pictures of my chidren growing up.

Can anyone help me?

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Which operating system do you installed in your computer? Is your hard drive detected within Windows Disk Management as opposed to the Device Manger? If so, does it show a healthy partition, or is your hard drive listed as RAW? Did you change the USB cable? Did you try other computers?

Disk Management access instructions are available in the following link:


I am running Windows 10 on my computer but I have tried it one computers running Windows 8 and 7 and I get the ame results.

I have tried two other USB cables to connect it to the computers., No change.

I tried to open it in Disk Management and it never shows up there either. It still shows up in Devices and Printers, but not in Disk Management nor if I open the “My Computer”.

I have the some problem.

I have the same problem.Disc is shown in the Device Manager but no in the File Explorer. WD drive utility has a problem to connect to the disc and when sometimes connects it then say once the S.M.A.R.T. health is good, another say SMART info doesn’t retrieved.

All his life disc stay on the table, no transfer, no stress…

My disc (type WDBPGC5000ABL) is under warranty (up to 09/27/2016) but what about my data…