500 GB WD My Passport may be failing, made clicking noises

I have sent this same email to WD Support, but thought I’d post it here as well:

I have a 500 gb My Passport portable USB harddrive. Until yesterday, it was working fine without any major issues. Yesterday when I plugged it in on a public computer, using a different USB cable that is about 24" in length, it started making clicking noises and was not immediatly recognized by the machine. I unplugged it, and did a bit of research. I understand that using a cable longer than 18" may not provide enough power to the drive to function properly. When I got home, I plugged it in with the cable it came with. It did not make any clicking noises, however it was extremely slow. I backed up some of my important files onto my desktop, and then unplugged it again. I still have alot of important work that has not been backed up in a long time on my passport, and I can not afford to lose it. I don’t want to damage the drive further, so I am being very cautious. What is the best way to, most importantly, recover my important documents (approximately 1 gb of work), and secondly, determine if the drive is still in working condition?

The data in the drive might be corrupted after using the log USB cable.  If you cannot copy the files from the My Passport you can try using a data recovery software, then reformat the drive.

To check the drive for errors you can use DLG:  http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/940/session/L3RpbWUvMTMyODI3OTcxOC9zaWQvSllDR05NUGs%3D

I’d also scan it with good AV since you plugged into a public PC.