500 GB Passport Suddenly Fails, Cannot Access Data on Drive

I bought a 500 GB WD Passport. I have owned it for a few months. The date on the device shows January 28, 2009 (note that this is less than a year old). This Christmas, I  plugged it in to my Macbook Pro, the only machine I have ever used the drive with, and the Mac’s attempt to mount the drive resulted in a message that says “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer”. When I first plug the drive into my USB port, you can hear it whir then click then stop five successive times before the message pops up on my Mac. 

The data on the drive is very valuable to me, and I unfortunately do not have a backup. I feel that Western Digital owes me an attempt to recover the data as well as a replacement drive, since it failed after less than a year of use. 

I have a similar problem, I bought my passport 250 GB last year and suddenly one day my computer failed to display the content on my hard drive. In this case, would WD provide a replacement Hard drive and data back up?

I had my daughter’s pictures and videos which are very valuable to me as there was no other back up for the drive.

Does anybody knows if WD will provide the replacement and the data back up.

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Bought mine on the 11th of January, used it a couple of days and now I can’t access it. The light is on and does not blink. I have an active case.

Was told to update the firmware. Was doing that on a Vista desktop PC, when the computer all of the sudden reboots after getting a sector error. Now the drive went from being accessible to not being seen by the computer at all.

I hope WD has a solution for me.

I hope your issue gets resolved too.



I have a 1TB purchased on 12/28/2009 and its 2/17/10 and the drive failed.  The data is obviously still on drive because sometimes it reads partial information but will not let me access to back it up somewhere else.  I would like to know that if the replacement is requested, will WD pull the data from the drive and transfer it to the new drive prior to sending it.  I don’t believe the drive is completely dead but want to find out.  I am sending email correspondences back and forth but to date is not helping.  HELP,HELP,HELP,HELP,HELP,HELP,

Number one rule of computing:

Never live with just one copy of important data.

This is especially true of putting that one copy on an inexpensive portable hard drive. These things do fail, and the warranty only guarantees you a [blank] replacement.