500 GB Passport Essential - "Backup" Tab Grayed Out after Firmware Upgrade

HELLLPPP!!! My 500 GB Passport external hards drive had been working just fine, when I got a message to upgrade the firmare to b. I updated Windows .NET to v.4 as I believe I was supposed to, and applied the first software fix, then the second, as instructed to by WD’s website.

I’ve rebooted my PC several times, but each time I access my WD software I am unable to access the BACKUP tab. It is grayed out.  I even tried reinstalling WD Firmware ., but to no avail. Needless to say, I am *really* annoyed by all this, since the danmed thing was working FLAWLESSLY before the stupid  so-called “upgrade”.

Hi there, do you still have the older installation file on your VCD or inside the drive to try it out?

Have you tried to reinstall  the WD Smartware? 

Uninstall the WD Smartware, then restart your computer; after you restart your computer, install the latest version of the WD Smartware. Make sure that you restart the computer before reinstalling the software.

Hope it helps.