5.1 surround on WD TV?

Can we get 5.1 surround sound from  WD TV ,When we are connect through a surround audio receiver by an optical cable?  And which generation of WD TV available in the market.

Dworkz:   Yes, the WDTV-Live supports DD 5.1 and DTS.

It will pass those streams, untouched, down the HDMI and optical outputs, as long as the unit is set to “DIGITAL” audio output.   If it’s set to “STEREO,” it will down-mix all of them to 2 channel (not sure if it’s Pro-Logic encoded, though) and out all of its outputs, including the analog.

The MINI, WDTV, and WDTV Live are still current units, but not sure what are available in your area…

Thanks a lot for your valuable information , But I asked  about  WD TV      not  WD TV LIVE. I would like to buy WD TV soon.

Do you have any idea about WD TV.  I hope you can help me…Please…

This is the WD TV LIVE forum … I suppose you may get more help in the WD TV forum instead? :wink:


Since, you’re already here.  It should work for the WD TV as well.