5.1 AC3 in .M2V container? Only getting stereo downmix


I’m trying to play H.264 videos I’ve made with AC3 5.1 audio on my new WDTV Live player- they are in MPEG-2 stream files (.M2V). The files are generated from Adobe Media Encoder using a Blu-Ray profile. When I try to play them, I get a stereo downmix out the HDMI or the optical digital out. I know the files are OK, they work fine in 5.1 on a Sony PS3 or if I make a Blu-Ray disc from them.

Will the WDTV live play 5.1 AC3 in anything but a MKV container?


I had it play h.264 video with AC3 5.1ch audio in a *mp4 container and it worked well. I could select in the WD if I want the aac or ac3 track to be played. How did you create your files? Could you select the ac3 track in your WD? Best, Tim

The only audio track in the file is the AC3 track, and I have “digital out” selected in the settings menu. I guess I’ll try a MP4 container, instead - I’ll have to remux, though. I’m creating the source fiules with Final Cut Pro, 23.976 or 29.97 framerate, with a 5.1 audio track, and compressing to H.264, High Profile Level 4 / 5.1 AC3 640K with Adobe Media Encoder, which muxes into a .M2V container.

Yes, same here also with MPEG4 (H.264) .TS files AC3 /5.1 is downmixed to two channels. Hoping to get this solved in next upgrade.

Is it that WD TV does not like AC3, I get PCM out!

One of the problems might be that .m2v is meant to be a video only stream and not a container.