5.1/7.1 alternative help

I recently bought the Sony Gold headset with the 7.1 simulated surround sound which has changed my view on movies with its amazing sound. I am aware that the WD TV Live does not have audio hardware so I can’t plug the USB in it to work.

I am looking for an alternative approach to take advantage of the thousand movies I have on my HD that have 5.1/7.1 audio. I am willing to put down some money to purchase new hardware, but not too much. All I require is that it has the capability of plugging the usb of the Sony Gold.

It would be great if there was as external audio hardware or something simple so I could use it.

I own a ps3 [which is limited to certain file sizes but can’t seen to get working], ps4, roku 3, wd tv live, normal lcd tv. Everything is connected via hdmi directly to the tv.


You should post this in the ideas section. Maybe the guys in charge can add this on a future hardware release!

WD TV Ideas

look around on line see if there is not an adapter that will go from head phone jack to usb for your head phones try avi fourms scott willkerson has a podcast home theater geeks there is a chat room tied into the show you should find help from there  if 7.1 is important i look into sound bars that may have 7.1 suround sound