4x WD20EZRX-00D8PB0 with static clicking noise (ca 4 times per second)


my 4 brand new WD20EZRX-00D8PB0 (retail with full warranty) make constant head activity.

all self tests and a full write and read (compare) with h2testw were successful.

they also make that sound when they’re only powered without any sata connection.

what is it and will it ever stop ?

i cant remember that any of my other wd disks ever made such stuff:

1x WD20EARX-008FB0
2x WD20EZRX-00DC0B0

here you can listen:



I recommend checking this drive for errors, On the following link you will find some tips on how to diagnose the drives:


if that video is the sound from your drive 

  • the power supply is not good  

  • or the drive itself is dead…

Yeah, people often assume that only drives click, but I have heard semi-regular clicks from power supplies, especially Dell’s. The way to debug it is with something that isolates the sound, for example, a cardboard center from a paper towel roll.

recently i bought exactly same model wd20ezrx-00d8pb0
i noticed the same clicking noise so did google search.
I power my disk thorough sata to usb3 adapter and get this clicking noise even when no usb cable is connected to computer. Despite this noise, disk is working fine and can read and write with good speed.
As far, as my computer hardware knowledge goes, this must be disk controller for some unknown reason moving disk head back and forth. When disk is connected to computer, after some inactivity time it goes to sleep mode and noise stops.

Well, i assume that these constant head movements may reduce disk life time if it is turned on for long time, so i will just use this disk for backups and disconnect it when it is not needed.