4TB WD Red trouble

Dear all,

I’ve purchased a 4TB WD Red HD 10 months ago, and experience heavy problems since. There are 2 partitions (1.7 TB & 1.9 TB) on it, and although the capacity is reported correct in win10, there appears only a tiny fraction to be usable (around 200-300 GB). When I transfer bigger files, win 10 suddenly freezes, or I get the error message that the disk is full.

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WD Diag reports only 2199 GB available, also the HD is reported as USB drive instead of SAS. The SMART status appears not to work. In the properties, SAS is reported correct, health status has a warning, but tests come up without error.

I suspect there is something very wrong with the device, or it is not compatible with my system somehow (?)

My system:
Dell Precision T7500
Intel Xeon X5680 6core @ 3.33GHz
Windows 10 x64 Pro

best greetings and thanks for your advice in advance

Seems like it’s messed up a lot. You’re telling about many problems, which -I believe- you should have addressed long before going this far. If I’m storing my critical data on a drive such as your WD Red, I would expect like zero problems before starting so I can be confident that it would be reliable.

Anyway, have you opened a case with WD? If it’s still 10 months old and under warranty, I would assume that they might be interested in replacing it…? Why deal with all this trouble if you can get it replaced with another one that works well…?

And I believe that they would be willing to replace it since the capacity information is reported wrongfully on their own diagnostics app, and I doubt there would be much to do about it, other than to replace it…

Thanks crazy_boy2 for your reply. Will contact support.

best greetings and thanks

You’re welcome cyana, hope all goes well. Cheers!