4TB USB 3.0 vs Thunderbolt 3.0 drives



Hey all,
I am doing research on which drive is best for me. I am interested in the G-Technology G-DRIVE USB 3.0 4TB External Hard Drive (0G03594) ASIN: B00ND4DV9M

I noticed the G-tech site specifically states that the Thunderbolt 3 model comes with a “Enterprise-class 7200RPM hard drive” but the description for the usb 3.0 model doesn’t make the same claim. Does the USB 3.0 and thunderbolt versions contain different model drives? How can I tell which drive is included in each drive specifically the USB 3.0 4TB.

Also the way I understand it is that traditional 7200 rpm drives are bottlenecked speed wise by the spinning drive so Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.0 would be around the same transfer speeds?

Thanks for the help!


The same performance over TB3 and USB 3 is correct.

The drive not listed with a Enterprise-class drive is our lower end model and you should be able to notice the transfer rate difference when checking the products out. We have a few units that are USB only that use variable speed drives in them such as the ones WD make.