4TB Sharespace

Hello all, I have 2 of these 4TB units.  One of them the power light is just blinking and I think the green sync light is on.  Whatever I don’t have anything important on these drives anyway alot of it I backed up.  WHEW!

Now, the one that is working, I wanted to upgrade the hard drives to 4 2TB drives.  Is this possible?  I have 4 Hitachi 7,200 RPM drives that I would like to use.  Can this be done?

Thanks in Advance,


Yes they can be upgraded, but AFAIK only WD drives will be accepted. I believe there is a hardware check that will simply reject any non-WD drive.

As the SS has limited power supply, obly “green” drives should be used.  Several threads on this. Read carefully!

Thank you for your response, I use to be the biggest WD fan on the planet.  Now they su*k so badly, I guess I have to dumb it down to 5,400 RPM drive.  If WD had any soul they would let any hdd be installed in their system and have a disclaimer or whatever. 

Back in the days, early 90’s, WD was the sh*t no company could fu*k with them.  Now, I can get a cheap china made hdd that will outlast and outperfom WD.   SAD…

WD, I hope you guys redeem yourselves.

P.S. we have a bunch of Speco DVR’s which all use WD hdd’s and they have been dropping like flies. 

I have two of these 4TB unit’s, YES TWO! and I treat them like single hdd’s cause I am sure the hard drives are on the brink of failure.  I couldn’t say that back in the 90’s cause you did make quality sh*t!

I am the V.P of I.T. for the largest financial services company in the North East.  And I cannot use WD products anymore.

Does anyone know if these HDD’s will work since I am tied down to WD.