4tb Seagate hard drive

I recently purchased the 4tb Seagate, however, when I connect it directly to the wdtv live plus it shows up as a media server with no media detected for playback. I can transfer the files directly to a 500gb and play with no problems, so the issue must lie with the 4tb hard drive. I have the latest firmware from b-rad (thanks for a great mod.). Does anyone have any ideas to make this work, if its even possible? I’m sure it is, it seems that anything someone wants to do can be figured out among the experienced folks here. I have seen many posts stating that the 3tb does work, and the info file from b-rad states that the 2tb limit was raised with the newest firmware, but it doesn’t say to what point, so I figured I would take the chance. If this does not work plugged directly to the wdtv live plus, can anyone foresee any issues with sharing it from my PC, although this would be the least preferable. Thanks in advance for any help and advice

B-rad firmware. This is an official forum, the mods here allow us to talk about custom firmware, but I have not see many users responding to people that uses this firmware, not because they no want to, I suppose that is because we normally use the official firmware.

Now, it is true, the WD TV limitation of 2 TB was eliminate few firmware updates ago, but I think that the B-rad have a 3 TB limitation. You will get a more accurate response from the forum of the B-rad site.

I apologize, I certainly didn’t mean to bring up anything not related to this forum, I don’t know to much about these things but with a little direction I can generally figure it out pretty quickly so I have just been trying what I found so far. I honestly though all these “firmwares” where the same. Anyway, thanks for the response, I appreciate it. By the way, are there “official” firmwares that allow moviesheets as I am not opposed to using them. Like anyone else on here, I am simply trying to get the best performance out of my machine. My problem is that over the years I have attained an absurd amount of DVD’s and I’m just trying to find a reasonable solution to store and play them back. I am open to any solutions, advice, or thoughts and greatly appreciate them all.