4tb portable elements 3.0 usb drive not powering down

i have a 4tb 3.0 usb drive connected to my acer aspire 5 laptop with windows 10. when i power down the laptop the drive keeps on slowly spinning. when i take the turned off laptop off the mainpower then the drive wil keep draining the laptops battery over night taking about 15% power. i tried some power settings i read about on the internet, that didn’t work. what can i do? i wil get a cheap usb on of switch from china, but should work without as well offcourse

Sounds like you’re using a Full-time power USB port. Don’t use that port for a device that doesn’t need to charge.

that´s the only usb 3.0 port on the laptop. if i remove the disk from windows while it is on it will spin down and only the white light blinks.

and indeed if i put it in one of the usb 2.0 ports it does power down :confused: i game with my laptop so i need fast speeds usb 3.0.