4TB P10 Not Working?

Just bought a brand new in the box P10 from amazon. i followed the very simple instructions to install the device into my Xbox One. (Plug and play). Xbox does not recognize the device. So i thought i would format the device again but will not be recognized by my computer. when i open disk manager on Windows10, surely pops up asking me to initialize the disk. i click ok, then tells me that “the request failed due to a fatal device hardware error.” and will not initialize. is my device defective or am i not doing something right? any help would be appreciated.

Sounds like a defective hard drive.

Personally, i have never, and would never, advise anyone to buy Hard drives from Amazon or Ebay.

Always buy from a reputable retailer … even if it costs you more.

That’s what the seller told you … the reality is buying from Amazon/Ebay, they can Fake, Faulty, Used or OEM (No Manufactures Warranty)

Too late now, contact the Seller, and hope they are honest and either supply you a replacement or a refund.

When “the request failed due to fatal device hardware error” occurs, your device turns inaccessible. This error usually occurs while attempting to transfer/copy files and suddenly the Windows OS fails to recognize the input or the output devices. In addition, this error could also be due to a fault in the system’s hardware, inappropriate configuration, loose connections, etc.

To fix the error you can try the below DIY methods:

  1. Check the SMART status
  2. Run an error check
  3. Run CHKDSK scan
  4. Initialize the disk

Further, you can check the below blog to know more troubleshooting methods that can help resolve the issue and also helps to recover data from such drive:

Hope it helps!