4TB NAS Drives - pro's and cons of each (Red Pro, SE, RE)


Can someone please explain what the advantages are for each of the three 4TB NAS drives, that are pretty close to the same price point (Red Pro, SE, and RE). I’m trying to decide what to buy for my NAS. I realize that the Red Pro’s have new firmware (3.0 I believe). I think all have the same five year warranty.




The pros and cons will depend on how you use the hard drives. I recommend you to check the information page for each model and then decide which one fits betters your requirements. 



I guess I was hoping for a matrix of features that was around to answer this question. For example, can WD list in the matrix the advantages of the specifics in the latest firmware as a “pro” for buying the new red pro drives? Benchmark speeds, what audience are they marketing each drive for sale? I have an understanding of the differences between the SE and RE drives. The Red Pro drives are a big unknown on a comparison chart with these two models.

Thanks, Paul