4TB MyPassport Partiton Faliure

I’ve just bought a 4TB WD My Passport drive, and when I got home I read that in order to work on Mac it had to be partitioned. I already knew how to do that since I have 2 partitions on my Mac anyway. After loading up the WD software from inside the drive, I went to work partitoning it so I could make it ExFAT since my college uses windows machines and I have a mac. After deciding the size of the partition (4TB0 and the file type (ExFAT), I started the partitioning process. It then reads “Operation Failed” with a red"!" on the image on the disk. Can someone help me fix this?

You first format the entire drive with MacOS Journaled. Once done. go back to Disk Utility and now add another partition of ex-FAT volume. Apply the settings. Hope this works.