4TB MyCloud with Parental Controls on Netgear Router

Just purchased a 4TB unit. Now installed, I have a problem in need of a solution.

My network is running a Netgear R6200 router. Netgear Genie and Parental Controls are installed and filtering the Internet connection at the highest setting. Parental Controls enabled, the MyCloud unit will not connect to the Internet.

MyCloud Internet Access

Disabling Parental Controls in Netgear Genie solves the problem. The unit connects to the Internet.


I want BOTH Parental Controls enabled and Internet access by the MyCloud device.

If you are not familiar with OpenDNS Parental Controls and the Netgear Genie, the ap filters out practically anything you would not want a teenager doing or participating in on the Web. The ap allows bypass of Parental Control filtering via a bypass account. My system and that of my wife are bypassed, but my daughter’s devices and open systems in the home are not. Filtering is set to high (no Snapchat, no Messenger, no **bleep** sites, etc.)

I am going to continue using Parental Controls and would like to use the MyCloud unit with my various i-devices. As far as I can tell there appears no mechanism for bypassing the MyCloud unit other than with Netgear Genie and a bypass account, something not possible on the MyCloud storage device.

Is anyone aware of how to make the two systems play nice together?

Folks, I solved my own problem.

If you go to the filtering settings page of the OpenDNS site, you can select something called a “typo exception” at the bottom of the home screen for your account.

This screen is under Account Settings and allows you to add an exception device on your network. Specifically, a printer or NAS.

Simply enter the intranet name of your MyCloud device. For example, http:\wdmycloud.local, or whatever you named your device.


The device is then bypassed by Parental Controls and Internet access is allowed.

Sorry to have not researched this more thoroughly before posting. Hopefully this will help someone with a similar problem running MyCloud and Netgear Genie with OpenDNS Parental Controls.