4TB MyCloud - lost access to data!

Hi everyone!

I suppose there’s been a power loss or something like that, cause I found my drive with a red led on and a common “data volume failed to mount” message on the dashboard. After following some instructions found on this board I’ve managed to move suspicious blocks to superblocks and now its status is fine.

This is what bugs me:

WDMyCloud:/DataVolume/shares/Public# df -H
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
rootfs 2.1G 711M 1.3G 38% /
/dev/root 2.1G 711M 1.3G 38% /
tmpfs 42M 3.7M 39M 9% /run
tmpfs 42M 66k 42M 1% /run/lock
tmpfs 11M 0 11M 0% /dev
tmpfs 5.3M 0 5.3M 0% /run/shm
tmpfs 105M 2.3M 103M 3% /tmp
/dev/root 2.1G 711M 1.3G 38% /var/log.hdd
ramlog-tmpfs 21M 6.2M 15M 30% /var/log
/dev/sda4 4.0T 208M 3.9T 1% /DataVolume
/dev/sda4 4.0T 208M 3.9T 1% /CacheVolume
/dev/sda4 4.0T 208M 3.9T 1% /nfs/SmartWare
/dev/sda4 4.0T 208M 3.9T 1% /nfs/Public
/dev/sda4 4.0T 208M 3.9T 1% /nfs/TimeMachineBackup

This line in bold suggests the drive is empty, but it’s not!
When I find my NAS on the network it doesn’t show any of the files, yet I still see them when connecting by SSH/Putty in /DataVolume/Shares/Public folder and what’s even more interesting - on my smart TV through DLNA! I can browse my pictures, see them, as well as videos.

Since I’m not that Linux savvy (although I have lots of experience with computers, I never got around with using that OS) I’d really appreciate some help in remounting the folders for use on the net.

I’m pretty sure I’d be able to get ahold of my files after disassembling MyCloud and connecting the HDD on some computer for data recovery, but I suppose that act would void my warranty and since its mere 2 months old I’m not that impatient to lose it…

Thanks in advance!

Hi, unfortunately I do not know nearly enough of Linux to assist you in mounting the volume, however, have you tried resetting the drive by pressing the reset button in the back?

In fact I haven’t… How does it reset the device exactly?
Does it just reset the OS inside it leaving the HDD contents intact or does it go from scratch?

Thats exactly how it works, it will reset: name, IP settings, and other settings but it should not touch your data.

if you do the reset by holding reset button for 40s after turning it on it should just remove all your settings… also when you take it apart and access the disk directly you can rewrite the partitions with OS on it and that should fix it too without touching the data…

NAS-MC:/usr/local/sbin# pwd
NAS-MC:/usr/local/sbin# cat resetButtonAction.sh
# © 2010 Western Digital Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.
# resetButtonAction.sh
# This is called by resetbtnd whenever the reset button has met the criteria for a reset.  This script implements the actions for the reset button.

# include file that provides LED mechanism (hw dependent)
. /usr/local/sbin/ledConfig.sh

# set LED to blink ( safe to release 'reset' button)
echo blink > $LED_BLINK
logger "reset button pressed, invoking reset actions"

# remove owner password
modUserPassword.sh ${owner}

# set root password back to default
echo "root:welc0me" | chpasswd

# set network to dhcp


Myron, am I right assuming that this reset script in fact just resets the settings for someone to gain access to the device using factory settings?
I don’t see anything regarding mounting data and therefore don’t expect this action to produce any needed results… :frowning:

I guess I have nothing to lose with this procedure, but I’m pretty sure I’ll need to dissasemble the thing to recover the data from the disk directy…

Yes. I read that you had a concern of using the reset button so the the best way of answering your question was to show you what the quick reset script does. The one where you keep the button pressed in as you apply power is a system only restore, as has been described to me.

Just to notify that reset actually helped in re-mounting the data… :smiley:
It’s all visible as before, through Network Connections->WDMYCLOUD->Public
But since the web config says 3.9TB free (which is of course totally false, since there’s at least 1,4TB data onboard) I’ll backup the data before doing a full restore operation…

Tests do suggest the drive is intact and healthy, so I won’t do the RMA.
I understand it’s a small computer basically but since it’s designed to operate as a NAS it really bugs me that it’s so prone to such issues with power loss occurances… It should be able to resuscitate itself, as it seems to be not such an uncommon a problem. I figure it wouldn’t be that much of a hassle to script e2fsck and system only restore procedures after encountering such problems…

Thanks everyone!

you are welcome :wink: glad it helped… if you will need anything let us know…

PS: next time dont doubt us:) there are 2 resets you can do with the button… short one and long one… anyway its working… thats all that matters now :slight_smile:

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