4tb My Cloud (new) Data volume failed to mount

This is the error that appears

“Data volume failed to mount
The data volume on the drive is not accessible. Please contact customer service.
Saturday, January 04, 2014 12:06:56 AM”

It is connected to router “Comtrend AR5387-un” and Network 1 laptop with W7&W8 (dual boot) and 1 desktop with Vista

The startup does well, just that instead of “blue” is “red” permanent. Allows access to the control panel and all the options but with the warning (red) as indicated and “Space Available” only 2GB.

What can happen?
Do you have any solutions before sending the customer care service?

Thank you.

I am not sure I understand. Is the unit completely new, or did you create a new share on a working unit,  or did you create a new data volume using some shell access?

Did you try to reset the unit?

You shouldn’t see this type of problem with a new unit. If a reset doesn’t do it, you should RMA the unit, unless you have Linux skills and don’t care about warranty protection.

The unit is new (less than 24 hours at home).
I have reset the unit and how the error persists, I created RMA and am awaiting response from technical service
I have no knowledge of linux.