4TB my cloud cannot map to a drive but shows up in browser

I just got a my cloud 4TB. and it is plugged in with blue light and I can see it through the Chrome browser and even read/write to it. but I cannot see it on the network listing. So I cannot map it to a drive or see it in Windows explorer.
So how can I make it show up in the network so I can map it to a drive. I am running windows 10.
thank you in advance.

@markmoyer First, is it in the same workgroup as the rest of your computers? Second, if it is then try a reboot of you router. Check to make sure network discovery is on. See image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

For more information see this, https://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?ID=904&lang=en

Steps for mapping a My Cloud in Windows are explained here:


If the My Cloud is not even showing up in Windows File Explorer then you should see the following link and in particular look at Windows Specific Methods 1 through 5.